Auto-ungroup for HDMI eARC or Optical Input




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    Mark T.
    Sr. Support Crew Member

    Thank you for your feedback, I will pass it along to our development team for future update consideration.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi

  • krang

    I've seen 5-6 threads on this in the last 4 years. Nothing has happened.

    Move to a competitor, they can handle that. I have sold most of my Blueosund stuff because of this (node 2i, powernode n330, two flex, one mini. Keeping one flex.

  • Lasse

    Dont think it will ever happen..

    @krang, who have you switched to ?

  • krang

    First Sonos for TV + multiple speaker groups.
    But my actual HiFi runs from a squeezebox on a RPi with digitil Coax/SPDIF hat now into a Chord DAC. App is very simple to use, love that self-build stuff as you can get as much quality, time and money into every single bit and piece as you like.

  • krang

    Btw: Can one use Roon with bluesound endpoints to fix this customer request after it has been around for 4years+ without any support? Maybe that's a workaround?

    Pricey though if you need a licence for something that should have been implemented years ago to keep staying ahead of competitors...


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