Multiroom hifi audio listening, C658 + Node




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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Mike

    Listen to your source on the NAD C658 then group it to the NODE. You cannot play a source such as your turntable on the NODE without it also being played in the C658 at the same time. The C658 must be the primary (first) player of the group to use external devices.

  • Mike C

    Thank you Tony. I finally got it to work by doing exactly what you suggested. But it was cutting in and out because of what i think are bandwidth issues on my wifi. I am trying to figure out a hardwired solution using MOCA. Stay tuned.

  • Mike C

    Thank you for responding so quickly! However, this is not exactly the issue. I do not want the music to "follow me", i want to simultaneously play in multiple rooms. I think this relates to the grouping function. I played around with the app and can get them to group, but no sound through the NODE, but is still playing on the main system. I tried the "follow me" function and got an error on the app: "Cannot move input source." Currently my turntable uses an RCA connection to the C658, and i am using an optical for my CD player. Not sure if that this is relevant or not. 

  • Bjørn Ulvik

    Your "issue" is a hardware limitation in NAD devices using MDC.
    If you connect your turntabel to your Node, it should work with grouping.


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