• Rebecca Lynch

    Hello, just wanted to follow up on my earlier post. Again, apologies for the frustration! I usually try to be more constructive when reporting issues. (Note to self - in future, take a few deep breaths before posting!)

    Rather than tackling everything at once, I'm setting up components one at a time: Pulse Mini 2i speakers first, then once they're working and I understand the BluOS controller, I'll add the Powernode. Both speakers are working on AirPlay so that's a good start! (Also, I didn't realize I was on an Android thread, so I'll post in the right section in future!)

    About the music library issues, I thought I'd try an index rebuild (based on this thread from 2 years ago). Initially my entire local library (~4000 songs on internal Macbook drive) was indexed and working, then after a few days I got the "Host is Down" error message. If that happens again I'll post a separate request.

    Sincere thanks again to everyone here who replied with encouragement! I'm not a big tinkerer but more components add up to more complexity, so I'll learn as I work through it! These speakers really sound very nice with lossless!!

  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    "Host is Down" means Bluesound can no longer communicate with the MacBook - make sure it didn't power down or something. If you get repeated Host is Down errors, our Support Crew can make some best practice recommendations by selecting Help, Send Support Request in the App and reviewing your event log file.

    Happy to help


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