Pulse Mini problems




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    When was the last time your Google Mesh was restarted? Network routers can also build-up cache...

    If your Player is frequently dropping off your network, part of the reason can be your network router's cache needs clearing.

    • Please power down your players and any other network-attached devices. (Laptops, tablets and smartphones you can simply put in Airplane Mode).
    • Unplug your router for 30 seconds then plug it back in
    • Wait 5 minutes
    • Start powering up all your Players and network devices.
    • Reconnect your tablets and laptops
    • Relaunch the app

    This will reset your network router's cached addresses. Setting a DHCP reservation for devices will help.

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    Lars Hoyer

    I tried to reset it completely to no help, I also discovered that it was playing ok through the headphone jack !

    I also tried to put it on wired network with a reset - no sound

    Tried to use another wifi via my phone - no sound.

    Called the shop where I bought it asked them if it was still under warranty - it was until yesterday, but the agreed to look at it anyway (they couldn't make it play either on their network).... so now I'm looking forward to hear what happened :)

    Thanks for helping out.




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