BluOS Controller App does not find many albums on TIDAL



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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Jens

    Please try resetting your connections to both these services;

    In the Music Services meu, please select the services and logout. Select Help, Diagnostics, Reboot. Once the player is in Ready mode again with a blue LED, reselect Music Services and log back in.

    If problems persist, please select Help, Send Support Request so we may take a closer look.

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    Under Music Services > TIDAL make sure that you have checked "include explicit content".  I think the fun police might cut out a whole album if one song contains a single instance of some naughty word or other.

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    Jens Künzel

    Thank you, Stelvio, that worked! I have changed the setting in TIDAL (via the BluOS App), as you said, to now include explicit content, and now all albums appear. There were really no "explicit" album titles among them ...

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