Will wired connection switch off the WiFi module and improve sound detail and clarity




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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Jdestuyver

    When you connect a wired cable, the WiFi Module is disabled automatically.

    There is no measurable difference in audio performance between wired and wireless - packets are packets no matter how they get there.

  • Frank Minne

    Hi Tony,

    I do not understand your answer completely.
    I also have a Node 2, and I only use it on a wired network. So, if it is true that the Node 2 is disabling the WiFi, how does it comes that I can see in the "BlueSound Controller" in "Help" - "Diagnostics" - "More" under "wifiscan" all the wifi-SSID's of my neighbourhood and things like "last seen 970ms ago". This means that the WiFi is still on and that it is continuously sensing the WiFi-signals.
    Wouldn’t it be nice that the WiFi-chip is turned off completely when a cable is connected, so that no interference can occur from the unused WiFi.

    Regards, Frank.

  • Peter Meter

    It seems that "When you connect a wired cable, the WiFi Module is disabled automatically." is true, but only when you actually plug in a wired cable. When the cable is already connected and the wired internet starts working, the unit doesn't recognise that and stays on WIFI. No problem, but something you should know. So plug out the cable and plug it back in, to disable WIFI.


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