NODE 2 Distortion




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    Hi Charles

    Thanks for your patience. Are Support Crew is continuing to look into your issue. Quickly though, if enabling Tone Controls resolves the issue, then your problem is not Bluesound Hardware related. Check your connections. 


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    Charles Jean

    Hi Tony and thanks for replying!

    I'm not following you when you say that it is not the Bluesound hardware (or software) when I'm enabling the Bluesound tone controls within the app settings menu...?  Connections are the same with or without tone controls...

    If that helps, I'm using the Bluesound DAC (Audio out) to my amplifier and the problem is the same on 3 different amplifiers.

    However, the sound is fine when I'm using the digital coax but I want to use the NODE on the amplifier which does not have a digital input.



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  • Hi Charles

    I am escalating your issue. Our Support Crew will be in touch.

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