Sound control in android Spotify app




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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for the feedback. I can't speak for Spotify's App, just that they send volume commands to our Players and do so based on their requirements. You can check out Spotify's site if others are experiencing similar issues with other 3rd party products.

    That being said, what you can try is this. In the Spotify App, when the volume slider appears on your phone (I'm using an A4) from the top, press and hold the blue circle and while keeping contact with the phone, slide your thumb straight down so you can see the volume slider and you can 'rock' your thumb back and forth to create finer volume adjustments. 

    This is a pretty standard functionality in both Android and iOS when dealing with sliders...  see if that helps.


  • Geert Oldenbeuving

    Dear readers,

    I had the same annoyance. Bit after updating my C388 firmware, volume now increases with steps of 1%/1dB depending on your setting. I updated C388, VFD and bluetooth firmware (read instructions before upgrading!).


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