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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Thanks for the kind words Gregory

    We are actually trying to keep it simple regarding EQs etc. We do realise however there is a market for that, why our digital outs on the NODE bypass our internal DAC.

    If however you are interested in this functionality, please checkout the new NAD C658 by our good friends down the hall at NAD Electronics. The NAD C658 runs our native BluOS firmware and gracefully slide right into your existing system. We are currently finalising plans with DIRAC room correction software, currently available in the NAD T777v3 and other AV Receivers, to be added later this year to the C658.

    Check it out at an near you.

  • JG.B.


    More/better EQ options would be highly (highly) appreciated by the vast majority of Bluesound users who have selected Bluesound gears for the Hi-fi/Better than Sonos approach.

    Hoping it should be doable at a relatively limited cost and will be considered at some point


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