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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Marius

    Thanks for the feedback - we continue to work with Last.FM on making this happen. Please let them know as well that you are missing their service on our hardware.

  • Jeff Monaghan

    Is there any progress on on this?

  • Joerg Sauer

    FWIW, I asked about the prerequisites of an app for using the API to send scrobbles. The answer reads like the API is open to everybody, basically:


  • Jean-Philippe Caruana

    Hi, any news on this ? It would be very useful for me.


    Thank you

  • Joerg Sauer is great for recommendations and discovering music. I currently use the scrobbling feature on Qobuz (which is from where I play most of my music), but I also play locally stored music and music from Amazon Music HD, which unfortunately I cannot scrobble at the moment due to lack of support in BlueOS.

    Adding a scrobbling feature to BluOS would solve this, i.e. it would allow scrobbling across multiple music sources.

    I am surprised that this seems to be such a problem, as almost every media player I know supports scrobbling to What exactly does "lack of interest" on the side of mean? As far as I know, very much encourages authors of media players to add scrobbling to their product, as this basically supplies with free data (something they really need for their business model).

    What's the hold-up?

  • Michał Suski

    Would love to see that feature!

  • Ahmad Samadi

    Just moved off Sonos to Bluesounds and love it but SHOCKED to find out you dont have scrobbling/ integration?  This should be a pre-requisite for any tool like this.  Super bummed.

    Anyone have any insight?  Here's the API documentation.  Should be an easy implementation and would be VERY helpful to us who scrobble.

  • DanOS

    Any update on this? Common, integration with Last.FM is such a low hanging fruit.

  • Johannes Georg Haaser

    Any news on this topic? I have understood so far that Bluesound blames for having "little interest", while says implementation of scrobbling must be done by Bluesound and is entirely free, which means Bluesound isn't willing to implement scrobbling. Is that right?

  • Miroslav-O

    Yes, you're 100% correct. This topic and hope for scrobbling is same as Tony's answer to my comment - pointless :) I didn't mention any network issues, but he recommended to contact support to help me solve my network lag. I just mentioned quality and lack of features of their SW as a proof, that bonus features like won't be implemented. When they can't get right the basic features, they won't have enough resources to implement anything else. That's why they blame, although they have free API available to implement scrobbling as everyone else did.

  • Søren Porse

    Just agreeing with the rest of the people in this thread (and many others, I'm sure) that you really need to add integration already.

    It should be easy to do, considering the readily available, well-documented, and free to use API made available by / CBS Interactive.

  • Daniel L

    Please fix integration or I will need to return my newly bought Bluesound Node.

  • Nicolas

    I have developed a small Spring Boot app to scrobble the tracks played on the Node:

    It uses:

    •  the BluOS api to poll the status of your device
    • the LastFm api to update the now playing status and to scrobble tracks

    I run it on my NAS and it works perfectly.


  • Ced Mallet

    The problem is still not solved, but for Android users, the new lastfm app now reads the notifications from any player. So it works with the BluOS player...

    Note that the new version is still in beta for now. You need to sign in the beta program to use it. 

  • Miroslav-O

    2 years 0 improvement, not surprised. BluOS SW is just terrible ... it's not only about missing after som many years, but Windows version's user experience is terrible e.g. it's slow, often freezing, mouse buttons not working (back button as <, wheel for volume, when I put mouse cursor on volume control,...), TIDAL functions are too limited (I can add song to playlist, but can not remove it, or change order), etc, etc ... Compared to the perfect Spotify UI, it's night and day. Although the music quality is worse that my own music or Tidal, I stopped using this terrible interface and use only Spotify connect to Bluesound Node 2i. Shame.

  • Jvdloos

    Any news about lastfm integration?

  • Korvenwin

    I'm a new Bluesound user and I'm really surprised that such a good product is not compatible with Even my fridge is!! :)

    Does anybody know if this is in roadmap?

  • Stepan Churyukanov

    Please add scrobling support. It should be really easy to do

  • Seth McKinney

    This is just absurd. And so easy to fix. I’m guessing that BlueSound wants an official integration; I’m sure they got Tidal, et al. to do their app integration for them and they expect the same from 

  • Korvenwin

    As somebody suggest me previously... the best solution is return the BluOS device and get another brand. The support can't be worst.

    A previous update of my NAD C399 completely broke it (continuously restarting). Las week send another update that they patched next day... now Pre-Out at 0dB is totally distorted.

    I can't believe it but it is truth. I'm going to return o sell my NAD and buy another streamer more reliable.    

  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    HI Miroslav

    Have you contacted support via Send Support Request under Help in the App or e-mailed us at - we will be happy to help troubleshoot your network lag.  

    As for Music Partners, we continue to work with premier partners such as TIDAL to make a better experience for all. As for Last.FM the interest has been extremely low on their part but I do understand that loyal premium LastFM customers now have an option to track other music services for scrobbling. Please reach out to them on how to do this.

  • JimmyMack

    Forget LastFM! At least give us the option to link to a serious music site like Allmusic or Discogs. LastFM is useless!!!

    A better solution since the management refused to move is simply to use the song search function on google to listen to the track. From there you get all the information on the artist and track and the world opens up! 


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