Artists with albums spanning different genres




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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    I doubt this is a feature and is most likely a bug. Could someone please clarify? Thanks!

    It is in fact a feature and not a common functionality. The concept does go against categorisation and sort rules.

    Think back in the day when we used to purchase this content in a record store. Most record stores were sorted by Genre, then Group when you browsed the bins. 

    That being said we have passed your feedback along but it is not a straight forward implementation as it is one with many many exceptions. This is one of the many reasons it is not in there yet.

    Thanks for understanding.

  • Reagan

    For what it's worth, this behaviour reported above is completely contradictory to the following.

    Consider I have Album1 with two tracks. Track1 by artist Artist1 and Track2 by artist Artist2. Both tracks have the album artist tag set to "Various Artists". If I now go to Library -> Artists -> Artist1 -> Album1, I see only Track1. This makes sense since I intended to see only songs by Artist1.

    The behaviour regarding genres reported above, however, is inconsistent with this behaviour regarding artists. Some consistency in these two behaviours would be helpful.

  • Reagan

    @Tony W. - Thanks for your response. A few comments:

    1. Going by your record store analogy and my first post, if you were to browse the Genre1 shelf in a record store and find the Artist1 bin, you should ideally find only Album1 in there; not Album2, since Album2 does not belong to Genre1. Album2 should be in another Artist1 bin in the Genre2 shelf.

    2. Going again by your record store analogy but now my second post, how do you explain showing only part of a record, i.e. only Track1, when browsing via Library -> Artists -> Artist1 -> Album1. It's physically impossible to split a record into its tracks.

    3. Could you please explain a bit further why this is such a complex implementation and what these exceptions might be? I am a programmer myself and it appears like this is something that could be implemented by adding just one IF statement to the browsing rules.

  • Maurice

    O yes, this is so annoying! Even my cheapest Sony Walkman can browse and search on genre, even if multiple genres are used in the same album. This is number 1 on my annoyance list of the BluOS app.

    I made this request:


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