After upgrading to BluOs 4.02, Vault2i starts having issues with internal disk access



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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    We can confirm a low-level kernel error is causing cases where the VAULT may stop responding after 15-20 minutes of serving music or ripping. We are working to address this and push an update as soon as we possibly can.

    Please follow this thread regarding the issue;

  • Andrew White

    This post looks displaced. I did not realize this was specific to the V500 device whatever that is.

  • Gregg De Winter

    hi Andrew, i'm experiencing exactly the same: disk access issues on my Vault2i device after the upgrade.  not only  on smb, but even from my app (upgraded version!)  on my Android phone, browsing the library hangs sometimes.

    Haven't removed the disk, as I only have the device for 4 weeks now, and I don't want to break the warranty

    Performed a restart of the device ( soft restart from within the app, and hard restart by unplugging the powercord), rebuild of the music library, to no avail.    Have opened a ticket with support just now.



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