Connecting coax and analog outs at the same time



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    Seppi Evans

    1. Analogue and both digital outputs are active all at the same time, only time you may have issues on the digital outputs is if the DAC does not support the bitrate / MQA that the Node is streaming.

    2. There is no setting to enable the outputs.

    Do double check you have actually used the digital out on the Node going to an input on the DAC, it gets dark there round the back of equipment.

    In cases like this play some music and submit a support ticket using the Bluesound App... Help... Send Support Request

    EDIT OF course the most obvious and simple issue is the digital cable is broken. For testing just use any other RCA to RCA lead you have, even just one side of a stereo cable. which you have already for the analogue output.

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    Craig Burgess

    It was a cable issue. Not a faulty one, but rather a bad connection. Thanks, it's all working as expected now.

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