External DAC with Bluesound NODE(N130)



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    Seppi Evans

    Hi Keith, DACs are very much a users choice and it’s really down to you if you like the sound they produce or improve over using the internal DAC.

    Have a look at Topping DACs as they are quite small but they do need a power supply. You only need a driver when connecting a computer to a DAC so nothing to worry about there.

    If you are playing back MQA material or would like to do so in the future then ensure it’s MQA enabled.

  • Keith

    Thanks for the fast reply! So you are saying I don't need a driver if I am going from the NODE via co-ax to the DAC,that I don't need a driver,all Plug n Play?Thanks,Keith

  • Seppi Evans

    Correct, just a coaxial lead is all that’s required. 

    The drivers are for PCs / Mac’s that don’t recognise the external DAC and use USB as a connection. If the PC / Mac used coaxial then no driver would be needed.

  • Keith

    Thanks ......I may be interested in MQA material. Keith


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