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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Gilles

    Thanks for the feedback. We have had conversations with our engineering department regarding enabling Vacation Mode from the App (and taking a player out of Vacation Mode using an IR Remote). This is currently a hardware problem and cannot be done via software.

    Sorry about that.

    That being said, we are always looking for feedback to better improve the experience.

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    I'm also looking after such an option.

    What is the "hardware problem", "taking a player out of Vacation Mode using an IR Remote" ?

    I could understand that in "Vacation Mode", the IR int'f is disabled and so cannot be used to wake-up.

    But could we still put in "Vacation Mode" through IR or App ?




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  • Hi Pierre

    Kind of the same problem as it is all interlinked. We really do encourage you to leave it as is rather than using Vacation Mode daily. A reminder that when idle after 15 minutes, it will enter stand by consuming less than 3W as required by EU Law.

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    Hello Tony,

    Thanks for your answer, but I've made some tests :

    • playing web radio, pressing "pause" ...
    • playing music from local server (library), deleting playlist ...
    • switching to "line in", with no signal ...
    • programming "Go in standby - in 15 mins" ...

    And waiting more than 20 mins. In none cases, I've seen any difference in power consumption compared to playing music from one of those sources, my tester keeps showing about 3W consumption.

    And if I put it in "Vacation mode", it drops close to 0W.


    I don't see any difference when going standby, maybe my tester is not sensible enough, but won't it be anyway a good idea to "show" the standby mode by, for example changing some LED status, like just keeping the Play/Pause on and switch Volume and Previous/Next track off ?

    And why is it not a good idea to put it to Vacation mode when "closing the house" in the evening until next day (afternoon) ?

    Alternate solution could be to put a power switch on main power cord (and eventually have it programmable through Home app), or would it "hurt" ?




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