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The BluOS App for Android and iOS is more intuitive and easier to use but we realize sometimes you have problems or need help figuring something out. We have relocated some options from the former Configure Player menu to the new Help menu and added more support.

Online Support: Over 200 FAQs about Bluesound answered from our online support site

Send Support Request: Fill out the online form and e-mail the BluOS Support Crew complete with a log file from the selected Player to help us troubleshoot your issue. We will be in contact within 1 business day. This is the Bluesound Listening Commitment.

Upgrade: Check for updates to the BluOS firmware.

Add a Player: Run the Player Setup Wizard (BLS-KB16-302) to walk you through adding a Player to your existing Bluesound system.

Diagnostics: Check a Player's wireless signal strength, mounted network shares, songs indexed. Select Reboot to restart a Player. Select More  to read the Player's log file.

About: This is a listing of the version numbers of BluOS and the Bluesound App along with other Open Source information.


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