How can I discover new music using Bluesound's Crossbrowse feature




You can find more content from your favorite artists using the Streaming Services you have configured for your Bluesound Ecosystem thanks to Crossbrowse.

Crossbrowse will allow you to easily expand your musical palate from the tracks you own, to the open catalog provided by your preferred Music Services.


From a Track in your Current Playlist, or an Artist result from a Search, you can use the Context Menu to open up searching options for your artist across the streaming services libraries that you have signed into with your Bluesound Players.

On any track in your Library or any current song in your Play Queue, select the More indicator (3 dots) to open the context menu.

On the Windows or OS X Desktop Controller, right-click (cmd-click) to open the Context Menu.


  • Crossbrowse can only be used to lookup an artist from your local files on a streaming service.
  • Crossbrowse will not discover music in Spotify Connect
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