How do I view all my Players in the App (Opening the Player Selection Drawer)?




When you start up your BluOS App it should open to the Library service.  If you are new to navigating iOS or Android Apps may have issues in discovering and opening the “Drawers” that our apps use to select the various Players on your network.


Our BluOS iOS and Android apps include two drawers on the left and right sides of the app.

The Navigation Drawer is located on the Left side of your app (BLS-KB14-604).

The Player Selection Drawer is located on the Right side of your app.


This drawer contains an alphabetical listing of all Bluesound Players your app can find on your network, along with grouping options, volume control and the ability to select which player you want to control.  

To open this drawer, you can either tap on the Rooms Button (House Icon) in the top right corner of the app, or you can swipe the screen from the right edge to left anywhere on the app.

To group players for multiroom playback, select the current player and press the Group button.  Select the + to add players to a group or select - to remove players from a group. You can also Group All to have all your players on the network play the current playlist or Pause All to pause all Players on the network regardless of their current source.


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