What music services does Bluesound offer?



At Bluesound, we are an alliance of audiophiles with the mission to create innovative wireless digital audio products and technologies that allow for the most true-to-life music experience possible.  We want everyone to be able to listen to their favorite music on Bluesound, in the audio format that they prefer.

Here is a current list of our continuously expanding music partners:  


 Music Services:

  • Amazon Music (Amazon Prime account required, limited to some regions)
  • Deezer HiFi (Premium+ account needed for full-song playback)
  • Groove (Requires a Microsoft Groove Music Pass)
  • JUKE (Requires JUKE account with subscription)
  • KK Box (Free with account, premium options available)
  • Murfie (Cloud based storage - Prices vary on content)
  • Napster (Requires Napster Premier account)
  • Qobuz (Requires Qobuz Premium account)
  • Spotify (Requires a Spotify Premium account)
  • Tidal (Requires Tidal Premium Account)
  • WiMP (Requires WiMP Premium account)

Online Download (Vault Only):

Integration Services:

As more services are added, access to them will be included in your iOS or Android device’s menu once you update your software from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Please note not all services are available in all geographic regions due to copyright laws and licensing agreements. Please check various services for availability in your area or region.

If your desired service is not available, you can always stream it using a Bluetooth connection from your phone or tablet. Please see BLS-KB14-401 for instructions on how to pair your Bluesound Player with a Bluetooth source.

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