What should I do if I am getting errors Listening to Streaming Services?



If you are encountering various pop-up error messages relating to the streaming service you are using, we recommend that you check the following regarding your service and your network:

1. Check Your Streaming Service Provider

Services can drop from the provider's end on rare occasions, so you may want to check out the current status of their service via their website or Twitter feed.

You may also try logging out of the service in the More Music Menu and then logging back in.

2. Check what Bluesound is receiving from your Wi-Fi connection

Bluesound recommends having a signal wireless signal strength of -70 dBm or better between the Player and your router for optimal performance.
Select the Player from the Rooms Drawer. In the Navigation Drawer, select Help, Diagnostics to check your current signal strength. See What should my Wireless Signal Strength be for best performance? (BLS-KB14-402) for more details.
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