Questions to ask & things to bring to your Bluesound dealer



RESEARCH - Specialist Dealers

When choosing a high-end system, the relationship you have with a specialist Hi-Fi dealer is very important. Not just when choosing, but after the system has been installed and for the future. Click here to find an Authorized Bluesound Dealer.


You are not supposed to be an expert – that is the dealer’s job. The patience of the dealer when you are discussing your personal requirement is a good measure of how much care they will be prepared to dedicate to you afterwards.


It's best to bring along listening material that you are familiar with. Since The Bluesound system supports High Resolution audio formats up to 24bit 192kHz, you can bring along music in almost any format either High or Low resolution audio, bring along some CD rips and perhaps a few good quality MP3's or FLAC files. Bluesound Players can read this music from a USB drive.


Leave your preconceptions of what a digital amp sounds like at the door.

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