How do I listen to the Radio on Bluesound?



When connected to an Internet gateway such as your home network router, Bluesound will be able to use TuneIn to stream conventional radio.

TuneIn is a third-party cloud service provider to Bluesound. Using TuneIn you can listen to over the air radio broadcasts which have been captured and re-broadcasted immediately across the Internet. TuneIn is a complete global service allowing you to listen to not just local radio broadcasts in your current market, but from markets all over the world. Users in Vancouver can enjoy broadcasts from London, Sydney, New York, Tokyo or any other location in the world. Broadcasts are live radio feeds with minimal delays accounting for Internet streaming limitations. Stations can be located by geographic location, station formats or even language. Some syndicated radio shows can also be located by name or podcast.

To access TuneIn, from the Navigation Drawer, select TuneIn. Locate the radio station you wish and select it using the left hand menu options or simply type in the station call letters in the search menu. Using the More indicator, select Favorite in the context menu on the BluOS App for Android or iOS to save as a favorite station.To save it as a favorite station, in the BluOS App for Windows or OS X, simply right click/CTRL-click the TuneIn icon in the Now Playing window and select Add Favorite.

Favorites are stored under My Favorites and can be accessed from all Players on your network and are updated with every change.

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