using the Node DAC while recording




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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Dave

    It cannot be done - digital out will bypass the DAC. That being said, when making digital recordings, the DAC never comes into play. Only during playback.

  • Dave

    I fully understan the dac is not involved. I just want to try to monitor while recording by taking the digital signal from the node record it, and while recording listen to the recording process by plugging the digital out of my recorder and going to the digital in of the node, thru its dac then to my stereo, to see if the recorded sound is better than just using the dac in my recorder with analog out to my sound system. Im trying to compare three recorders i just acquired (HDD, DAT, and Minidisc). I can certainly wait until the recording is done and play each of them back thru the node(playback). I just wanted to try it while monitoring the recording to see if final output sounds better from the node or the recorders internal dac. Sorry if Im confusing it more.

  • Seppi Evans

    There is no monitor function like a dedicated amplifier, so if you select the digital input this then is fed to all the outputs and the previous source is stopped.


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