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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Please consult your Sub woofer documentation to confirm your gain and phase are correct.

  • Daniel

    Hello Tony, thanks for answering.

    It's unfortunately an issue with the Bluesound Node 2 SUBW OUT port. Other sources work flawlessly through the same system with the same sub settings.

    Since the same issue was found on POWERNODE 2 and later fixed the same issue might be present with the NODE 2. Could you try and replicate the issue? I figure not many people use the Node 2 as the preamp with a sub connected and therefore it has gone unnoticed.

    Here's the FW I'm using:
    Android App: 3.18.1, Build number: 2689

    Release notes from when the POWERNODE 2 was fixed:

  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    That issue was a reversion of a change in BluOS 3.10.1 where SUB-WOOFER output was lowered in the POWERNODE to react to using the POWERNODE in a Home Theatre Group.

    We have tested the NODE 2 sub-woofer output as per our standardised testing before every release.

    Please keep in mind the sonic performance of your Bluesound Player's audio output has been carefully engineered to be as neutral as possible with regard to equalisation. We realise this isn't for everyone so please check out Tone Controls in the Audio settings of your Players Settings Menu to boost bass up to 6DB and then again consult your sub-woofer documentation to increase the gain.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi

  • Daniel

    Issue solved! Here's how if anybody find themselves with the same issue.

    The issue was related to the sound output difference between my power amplifier and the sub. Issue was solved by attenuating the signal between the rca outputs of the node and the power amplifier as the power amp produced ridiculous volumes with almost no signal sent to it. In my case that meant connecting another preamp between the node and the power amp lowering the line level of the rcas to the power amp and therefore also the speakers (not ideal but it sounds good). Now the sub and the speakers blends perfectly!


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