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  • Official comment

    Hi Pete

    All Blueosund Players will go into low power mode on their own if idle for more than 15 minutes consuming less than 3W. This has been in place since 2015 and exceeds EU requirements for an IoT appliance, the strictest such rules governing EcoFriendly products.

  • joe


    our Vault 2i actually consumes 7.5 watts in "StandBy" mode according to the meter. Converted to a year, you waste a good 50$ or 50€ for nothing at all.

    Does BS really not believe that the customer/listener when he wants to play music can also wait 2-3 minutes, until you can actually play the music???

    That's why I take the device - if I do not use it for a few days - from the power!
    And should it really be so badly developed with the power supply, well then ...


  • Seppi Evans

    A lot of consumer grade meters are not very reliable at low wattages. If you plug in an extension with a Bluesound player and a high wattage lamp into the meter, give it 15 minutes and then unplug the Bluesound device you might get a more accurate reading by subtraction.


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