Lack of bass Bluesound Pulse Mini




  • Official comment

    Hi Daniel

    Please ensure proper air circulation in your PULSE MINI - try moving it 10-15cm away from the back wall (4"-6") as this will allow the drivers to 'breathe' and increase performance.

  • Pete Gazzard

    Have you installed latest update 3.20.19 as I have since yesterday sound seems flat un detailed and very different to yesterday, more clicks and pops when a new track starts using tidal connect.

  • Hi Pete

    No changes to DSP were made in BluOS 3.20.19. If you are using TIDAL connect, the audio dropouts you are hearing may be related to your network signal strength. Like most IoT appliances, after a BluOS reboot it may take 5-10 minutes for your BluOS Player to fully reintegrate with your network. Kill and relaunch TIDAL Connect.

    If problems persist, please select Help, Send Support request in the BluOS App.

  • Pete Gazzard

    Thanks for the reply, system been on for about 4 hours, update was installed last night, node was switched off.
    Signal strength probably note an issue on fibre optic speed about 218.32 Mbps (just done a speed test)

  • Daniel Appel


    Now I've tested to factory reset the unit, updated the firmware.

    The two smaller elements works just fine.

    Still no bass from the largest element in the middle of the unit.

    During all testing the unit were placed in the middle of a table with at least 2 m to the nearest wall.

    What could be the source of this problem?

    Up until yesterday I had another Pulse Mini (both with the same firmware version) and the other one worked just fine with nice amount of bass.


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