Integration of Apple‘ NowPlaying API




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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Julian

    Please see for using Apple AirPlay with your BluOS Player and how those features are already enabled.

  • julian.bamberg

    Hi Tony,

    thanks for the fast reply!

    Unfortunately you just replied with a Workaround, but not a solution.
    Because you need a Player App then, but cannot use the Blusound connection to Streaming Services. For explanation: there is a difference whether I play music in the Tidal App and stream it via AirPlay to the BluOS Player or I play Music through the BluOS App directly on the Player. The former needs a specific Player-App, the latter not.
    The second reason That it is no actual Solution is That AirPlay cuts the quality.

    I Hope, you understand These differences and therefore consider implementation.

    Regards, Julian

  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Julian

    Thanks for the feedback - however, this is not a workaround but Apple's desired API for BluOS.

    If you are interested in TIDAL being controlled by your iPhone consider TIDAL Connect;


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