Playback stops when multitasking on power mode




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    Seppi Evans

    Never seen this before, it could be any number of things such as a networking issue or a problem with the NAS. You might want to run a diagnostic on the NAS and reboot your router, making sure that multicast is enabled.

    If it does it again you could try pinging the POWERNODE from a computer or even typing it’s IP address into a web browser to see if its working.

    If the freezing is repeatable then do try waiting to see if it recovers, but best to send an email to Bluesound…


  • Alain DW

    I noticed something similar with my node2 (connected over wifi). When doing maintenance work on my music library, situated on a self made nas, the node would sometimes stop and loose connection. This happened usually when my wifi link was very busy uploading new tracks to the library. After connecting the nas over ethernet the problem was solved. So basically I suspect the router was overstressed.

  • Alain DW

    In my case even pinging didn't give a response when the event occurred, although the node still had an ip address in the router. Rebooting the node usually was enough.


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