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    Thank you. Finally cracked it! I managed to get the unit back into green hotspot mode and connected my S21 phone to it but the app still refused to find anything. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the Bluos app and started from scratch which solved it. 

    The cabling around the house necessary to link via ethernet would be too extensive and untidy but I will explore again if this is possible, as I know the resilience would be further improved. Although to be fair I rarely have any issues with the wi-fi connection - this was the first and most significant one I've had.


    Thank you. But how do I get it off the purple/pink light mode? The app just continuously "looking for players" and then says "no player found" and then when I "open wi-fi settings" box it just shows my network connected? So the app doesn't let me do anything?

  • Bjørn Ulvik

    Purple means your "hot-spot" has timed out after 15 mins.
    When the player has green LED, connect to the "hot-spot" network (your phone) to setup your player.
    An easier option is to connect your player to ethernet and do the setup.


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