Two different albums with same name appearing together




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    Bjørn Ulvik

    BluOS is indexing the the "tags" in your files, not your "folder names". All will be sorted by date added to library in new section. When you updated your folder name, and indexed, BluOS (database) would remove the old entry and create a new.
    If you have one or more albums with the same name, I suggest you rename one to i.e La Traviata (Kleiber), and do a full rebuild. (Help - Diagnostics - Rebuild index). Suggestion is based on experience with one (or multiple bugs) in the BluOS software/firmware.

  • Thierry Sommelet

    Thanks Bjorn,

    will try that. I get the point on indexing based on tags and not folder, that is what I thought as well, but it seems clear the folder name plays a role...



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