NAD M10 V2 and Surrounds




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    Seppi Evans

    Yes this is correct and a handy chart below for reference..

    Edit noticed you put M20, guessing it was meant to be M10.

  • D C

    That’s great, thank you!

  • D C

    I have another question. When using Dirac does it calibrate the surround speakers in addition to the front?

  • Seppi Evans

    Absolutely no idea… this might actually be a question for NAD but I am sure someone from Bluesound will be along to help.

  • D C

    Thanks, I’ll wait and see if anyone else knows or if I find out I’ll update the post.

  • D C

    Just in case anyone needs to know, on this page:

    It says “The M10 V2 can store up to five Dirac profiles for different listening positions, surround setups, or room conditions—for example whether the drapes are open or closed”.

    I’ll take it from that, Dirac can set up a surround profile for HT and stereo profile for just music.

    Edit - Actually no it’s not. I checked with bluesound customer service and they have said the info on their website isn’t correct and they will review it to see if it needs to be changed. 

    Dirac will only effect the speakers connected to the M10 V2, the rear speakers will operate without any calibration. 


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