Cricling and plop noise when playing external sources like analog, digital and Bluetooth




  • Official comment
    Mark T.

    Thank you for your feedback. I am escalating your request to a support ticket. A member of our support staff will reach out to you soon.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi

  • Markus Hoffmann

    The problem solving by the Bluesound team has taken place in a private thread. To help other people, I have summarized the results here:

    The unwanted noise was caused by a weak WiFi connection quality. However, the funny thing in my case was that the speakers are set up directly (< 5m) next to the access point. That's why I never manually checked the connection quality, because it shouldn't be a problem....
    However, since I have a network with multiple access points, it turned out that the Bluesound speakers reproducibly connect to the "wrong" access point. No other device on my network has this problem.
    Now that I "force" the speakers to connect to the next access point via MAC filter rules, everything works as expected.
    I am still waiting for a response from Bluesound on this issue. I am using 5 GHz Wifi, 11ac, 160 MHz Bandwith, Channel 36-64.


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