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    Seppi Evans

    Sorry could you clarify what you are trying to do please?

    When you connect the Node to the Naim preamp (one of the line inputs) nothing is going to happen or show in the Bluesound app as the outputs are one way and have no means of communication. The Naim pre would then be connected to a power amp and speakers.

    Edit. To clarify, treat the Node like any source such as a tuner or CD player when connecting it up.

  • Mariana Weiss Goldman

    Thank you for trying to help!

    I connected the RCA end of the cable to the RCA out of the Bluesound and the other end of the cable with a connector specific to Naim, which I don't know how it is called, to the Tape 1 input of the Naim preamp and set the input selector knob to it. The preamp is connected to the Naim Hi-Cap and the Hi-Cap to the Naim amplifier which is connected to Linn Isobaric speakers. When I try to add a player to the Bluesound, it doesn't find it. I used a similar connection before using an RCA cable on both ends to connect Bluesound to a Linn receiver/amplifier connected to different Linn speakers, and I had no problems connecting to it. I stick to the Naim system not only because I like the sound of it, but also because it is hard to find an amplifier that can drive the power hungry Isobaric.

  • Seppi Evans

    Bluesound will set-up / configure without any external connections, suggest you have a look at this getting started guide. If you can wire the Node to your Router that would be simplest and ignore your Naim system for the moment. If no joy suggest you contact support directly.


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