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    Seppi Evans

    Looking at the specs for your amp it supports 24/192 on coaxial but as far as I can tell not MQA which is what Tidal uses.

    I would suggest you either try a free trial of Qobuz which has tracks that your amp supports or pop some test tracks onto a USB memory stick to “test” what your amplifier supports.

    The simpler solution to ensure you are getting all the benefit from Tidal / MQA is to use the analogue outputs from your NODE.

  • Salman Khan

    Hi Seppi,

    Fistly, thank you for that quick reply. Just to understand a few things. Firstly my interpretation of sound was a digital connection is better than analog, though it seems I am wrong. I have used the analog connection before on a seperate mission. On the analog my amplifier does not share the sample rate. Is their any way I can know the sampling rate via analog if that is still applicable?

    Also, going analog, would that impact the quality for worst? 

    I have tried Qobuz just about an hour ago but unfortunately that is pretty much locked at 44.1 hz, a few tracks will play at 48, but majority are 41. 

    Awaiting your response. 

    Thank you, 


  • Seppi Evans

    The analogue outputs of the NODE are very good, try them and decide for yourself.

    As above try the test files from the 2L site, you will be able to play 24/192 over coaxial, if not try another coaxial lead and check with Marantz if you need to make any adjustments to the settings.

  • Ken

    MQA digital output is limited to 96.  Please refer to the write-ups on MQA for further details.  As mentioned by Seppi, you can try playing 192 tracks from your local drive to see if you can get to 192.


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