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    Mark T.

    Hi Keewoong,

    I'm escalating your request to a support ticket. You should hear from us soon.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi

  • Sveťo Janota

    its been two months and still no answer, i've got almost same problem as Keewoong, but my crackling noise can be heard when i am listening mqa for tidal, with dragonfly cobalt. Any news regading this issue? when i'm using built in dac, everthing is working just fine. 

  • Keewoong Lee

    Dear Sveto,

    It turned out that my problem happens only when I use Roon through Bluesound Node's usb out to my dac. I've been using Tida Connect and Bluesound app on the same system and there was no problem. The Roon problem seems to be widely known as Alvin from Vinshine audio also mentioned it. Please see In this video, Alvin recommends to disable "audio clock stream" in Bluesound app settings. I would also like to suggest your mqa setting to "renderer only". Hopefully, this could sort out your problem.  

  • Sveťo Janota

    I am using only blueos app on my Phone, and the problém is that dragonfly is switching between mqa and other formats all the time. I might try another Dac and I will connect it with digital coax. When dragonfly work, sound is so much better, it’s a shame :(


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