Attaching a turntable and a CD player to Node (N130)




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    Mark T.

    Hi Mike,

    You may want to look into adding Bluesound HUB into your audio setup. This way, you can have both the CD Player and turntable hooked up and playable as you wish.

    HUB - Bluesound

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi

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    Will Rowan

    Hi Mike

    I'm exploring the same thing - adding turntable & cd to a Node 130

    Right now, CD player is on the Dual Analog/Optical input.

    Maybe the HDMI will input an audio signal?
    I'll try a couple of converter cables -  rca to hdmi & usb to hdmi to see if they work for the turntable (Rega, via Rega's Phono mini preamp.

    Had you made any progress?
    (without dropping £300 on a lovely Bluesound hub, which feels like an expensive fix!)




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