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    Mark T.

    Hi Martin,

    The preconfigured music services that you are saying are probably ones that were synced from your Bluesound FLEX speakers. 

    I would advise checking to see if the client is able to log out of Bugs via the Bluesound Player's control panel on a web browser.

    On the control panel select Configure Music Services -> Bugs to see if the log out button appears.

    If not, then as Plan B, I would advise powering down all of the Bluesound Players so that none of them are connected to the client's home network.

    From here, after about 30 seconds, power back on each of the Players and double-check again to see if Bugs still appears or not.

    If Bugs still appears, then unfortunately as Plan C, we will need to perform a factory reset on all of the Bluesound Players to completely remove it from its memory and return back to its default configuration.

    As a friendly reminder, since the client has more than one Bluesound Player, he/she will need to do the factory reset one by one. Meaning only one Bluesound Player connected to the home network at a time. This is to prevent the Players from replicating with each other whenever a Player that hasn't been factory reset yet joins the network.

    Hopefully this helps, and thanks for #LivingHiFi

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