Soundbar with stereo sides?



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    Mark T.

    Hi Frank,

    To answer your question, Yes you can use Bluesound SOUNDBAR and other Bluesound devices for your rears. To learn more, click on this link - Wireless Home Theater - Bluesound

    Also, here's our KB for Home Theatre setup - What players are compatible with Home Theater Grouping? – The BluOS Support Crew

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    Seppi Evans

    Hi Frank, think you are asking for front L&R speakers in addition to the sound bar, unfortunately this is not an available configuration.

    Personally if music were more important I would go with a POWERNODE to give the best stereo sound and then add Pulse Flex’s as rears for TV duties.

    With a good stereo sound there is never a “hole” in the middle when listening to stereo music or TV, I have a POWERNODE for this very reason.

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