Apple TV Atmos with Pulse Soundbar+ and 4K projector




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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Joseph

    I am sorry to report that if there is no ARC port on your projector, and only an HDMI port on your Apple TV 4K - you will not get DOLBY Atmos - unless your projector does support ATMOS via its optical audio out, but this is unlikely. The bottle neck is the projector.

  • Joseph Marquez

    Hi Tony, I'm still lost. This site at Apple says it doesn't work over an ARC

    "Apple TV 4K uses a high bandwidth form of Dolby Atmos that doesn’t work over ARC connections."

    so it seems the only way is if the sound bar or receiver has a TV ARC but not the other way around. 


  • Patrik Kähäri

    HDFury to the rescue!
    I also don’t have a TV with eARC/ARC but still want to enjoy Dolby Atmos through my soundbar. I bought an HDFury Arcana device which gets the HDMI signal from AppleTV, separates the audio which is routed to the soundbar, and the video is routed to my TV.
    Should work great for your projector as well.

  • Joseph Marquez

    Excellent! Thank you Patrik-it’s on the way. Looking forward to enjoying Atmos. I hope you’re enjoying it too.

  • Charles Underwood

    Hi - I have a similar problem. Here is my original post elsewhere:

    I have a new Pulse Soundbar+. The Samsung TV has an HDMI ARC port but not eARC. I connect the ARC port to the Soundbar+ and I can enjoy (I think) Dolby Atmos by streaming from Netflix etc using the apps on the TV. I am happy with this.

    I also want to connect the Apple TV via HDMI to the TV. I thought the ARC port would handle the Dolby Atmos signal from the Apple TV but it seems not from what I have read. The Apple TV instructions say to connect via HDMI to the Soundbar to get Atmos. As the Soundbar+ has only one HDMI port then this cannot be a solution. 

    So, do I need to get a new TV with eARC? And then connect the AppleTV to the TV and let the eARC do the rest? 

    Has anyone solved this problem please? Wondering how you have wired the Arcana or any suggestions.


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