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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Giannai

    There are a number of reasons why we use SMB (Windows File Sharing) over UPnP/DLNA

    • SMB is more stable and is a onetime connection – it does not require recreating at every boot
    • SMB takes less network bandwidth so creates less jitter and timing issues when grouping multiple players never mind when receiving from the server
    • SMB does not require special 3rd party software and is native to Windows, macOS and all Network Attached Storage devices (as Windows File Sharing). It also works with Linux if SAMBA is enabled
    • DLNA does not let us build a local library database of music so you can;
      • Display by Artist, Album, Song
      • Sort by alphabetical or release date
      • Filter on CD, HR or MQA content
      • Provide visual cover art quickly and dynamically
      • Make it searchable to easily locate what you want on large libraries

    Please see make a connection with your local content.

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