Adapting volume



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    Seppi Evans

    Bluesound already supports this feature for your local music in the form of Replay-gain.

    There is however no means of levelling tracks  streamed from online services.

  • Alain DW

    And of course this implies that you will need to edit your metadata to include the replay-gain tag.

  • Seppi Evans

    Well… there are tools which do this automatically so a hands off procedure.

    I scan each album on an Album basis so this reduces or increase the general level of the album keeping the deliberate quite and loud tracks as the artist intended.

    I know some like every single track to be pretty much the same volume, again the application scans each track for the quiet / loud section then writes tags to get close as possible to your reference level.

    The good thing about Reply-gain is that it’s only a metadata tag and can easily be removed and can be toggle on / off in Bluesound.

    To be honest I no longer bother as I have a Bluesound RC1 remote handy to change the volume quickly if required without the time consuming effort involved using an phone / tablet. This also works with streaming services which Replay-gain does not.

  • KriHad

    Hi Mikkel,

    according to Bluesound's support team, replay-gain will work on files with GAIN tags regardless of source.

    Best, KriHad


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