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    Seppi Evans

    If you have the 2021 NODE (N130) and the latest firmware then you can just connect using the USB port on the NODE.

  • christopher solomons

    Thanks Seppi. Was not sure if that was possible. Also, can I link the node to a Google home mini and use google assistant voice control or, is it possible to use google assistant voice control directly with BS Node? Will MQA still be possible if connected through either of the above (with BS Node hard wired to CA Dac through USB)

  • Seppi Evans

    You can control Bluesound equipment using Google Assistant, It not something I use and think you can’t control Tidal directly this way at the moment but you can do quite a bit. Once you have something playing (does not matter if it MQA or not) the website below details more. There is a PDF on that page which has all the commands.

  • christopher solomons

    Thanks very much. Will have a read.

  • Derek Stratton

    Wow! I was considering a DACMagic200M as well. It is highly rated and has balanced outputs to boot.

    Are you *sure* that MQA is not supported on its optical TOSLink input??

    That's a deal-killer as I have a Node2 (not Node2i) which (as Tony seems to imply) does not support USB output to the DACMagic...


  • Seppi Evans

    Hi Derek,

    For absolute confirmation why not ask Cambridge Audio directly. I do know that only the 2021 NODE (N130) has USB out.



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