Shuffling songs saved to My Playlists




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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Thomas

    Here is a primer on how the Play Queue populates songs;

    This article may also be helpful;


  • Thomas Nies

    I already have my playlists set, as mentioned. However, the instructions say to push the Shuffle icon. 

    There is none visible. I said above, all I see for icons is a gray crossed arrows, back / play / next, and gray "circular" arrows. No blue crossed arrows.


  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Tap the crossed arrows to toggle

    • blue - shuffle is on / gray - shuffle is off
    • Repeat is a 3-way toggle between repeat off / repeat song / repeat whole list



  • Thomas Nies

    Ok, that makes sense. I am testing as we speak.


  • Thomas Nies

    Mixed results; one time the succeeding song was not from the Playlist, nor anything I ripped at all.

    I tried again, and it seemed to pick another song from that Playlist. Did the same, starting with a different song from that playlist. It played the next song in the list.


    So, I tried a different playlist, seeing the blue crossed arrows, thought it should shuffle. Nope, again the next song was nothing from the playlist, nor any song I'd ripped.


    What am I missing? When I click "Play All", then what's playing now, if the crossed arrows are gray, do I click again until I see them blue?



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