Apple hi-res lossless from iPad to node2i with cable




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    HI Simon

    You can't. At least not using an iPad or iPhone. Apple does not allow for this.

    You can however use a MacBook, iMac or other macOS devices when the system-wide audio output on a Mac is set to a BluOS Player, the AirPlay Content is sent as 16 bit 44.KHz using ALAC or Apple Lossless.

    To change the system-wide audio output in Mac, perform the following steps on your Mac:

    1. Select Control Center in the menu bar.
    2. Select the Airplay icon under Sound.
    3. Select the required BluOS speaker.
    4. Open the Apple Music app, select the Airplay icon in the upper-right corner.
    5. Select Computer ––> (BluOS Speaker).

    Alternatively, to change the audio output on the Mac – click here.

    The Apple Music app will now stream bit-perfect lossless audio to the BluOS Player.

    For more information on Airplay, view the following websites:

    · BluOS-Airplay
    · Apple-Airplay


  • Martin

    This is exactly my question too. 

    But it seems not answered as Simon rightfully pointed out that lossless (16bit 44kHz)  works, but HIGH RESOLUTION not. 

    So the question remains - is there a way to connect iOS and/or OSX devices - WIRED for maximum quality-  to BluOS and take full advantage of high resolution files on Apple Music and use the BluOS internal DAC to connect to the amp?

    I have managed to do this from my iPad pro -> USB connector -> optical adapter -> BluOS Toslink in (Bluesound node original version). But I am not sure if the BluOS optical in (Toslink) also handles up to 24 bit 192KHz  as it is originally designed for TV signal. 

    The sound I currently get is not comparable to some of my SACDs, so I need to find out what the weak link is. I suspect the USB connector and/or the optical adapter (or their specific combination with the iPad Pro), but I would like to exclude that the scpecs of the Toslink optical of the Bluesound are limiting factor.

    Can someone confirm / elaborate? 

    Happy to hear other workarounds to get HIGH RES Apple Music workning using Bluesound DAC.  

    Thanks :-)


  • Martin

    Apologies, where it reads "BluOS", it should read "BlueSound Node" 

  • Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Currently many in the Hi-Fi Audio Industry are limited by Apple only providing AirPlay at this time, not just Bluesound. Direct Apple Music Integration is simply not available (the Apple MusicKit is simply not a solution for the third-party hardware environment). As an existing Apple Partner, once one is available to us, we will be happy to bring it to you.

    We do ask for more news and information on this topic, please follow this thread

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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