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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Andy

    The Bluesound NODE (N130) uses a Texas Instruments PCM 5242 Burr-Brown DAC, which has been implemented with a differential output design in an endeavour to cancel out as much unwanted noise as possible.

    In comparison, the NODE (N130) measures in at -113dB SNR and 0.002% distortion due to this change -- a notable improvement over the NODE 2i's -110dB SNR and 0.005% distortion.

    Great care and precision is taken to tune these DACs to be neutral and provide the most accurate and unchanged audio performance as intended by the recording. We understand this unaltered sound is not for everyone so have the option to bypass this DAC via Optical TOSLink or COAX (simultaneously). We do hope to expand this to the USB Port on the NODE N130 in the near future as well.

    You can also check out the step-up NAD C658 BluOS Streaming DAC by our good friends at NAD Electronics which includes DIRAC Calibration.


  • andy aldridge

    I'm not knocking the Node it's a great device for the money. Neither you or NAD offer a pure streamer with a full complement of digital outs. For those of us wanting to stream to more esoteric external DACs it would be great to have a Bluos pure streamer with USB, I2S, as well as toslink and coax.

  • Svetlin Simeonov

    The best thing that Bluesound can do is to create a pure streamer with a nice touchscreen showing album artwork and all digital outputs. No DAC, no nothing.

    There is nothing like that on the market atm.

    Most people now buy the Node because it is the cheapest way to use the BluOS, which is obviously amongst the best(if not the best) OS.

    There is NO way for anyone to have a BluOS streamer with a screen.

    Just create a BluOS streamer with a screen so we can hook it up to any amp!



  • Frank Napolitano

    Hi Tony, I wanted to make sure I understood this clearly. If I'm using USB output on my N130 to my preamp, am I using the Node's DAC or my preamp's? Which output should I use if I want to bypass the Node's internal DAC?



  • Svetlin Simeonov

    The only case where the internal DAC is used is through the analogue outputs! 

    Every other output is bypassing it.


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