Apple 4K TV Connecting Theater setup using Airplay




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    No. Though the PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i and SOUNDBAR+ support Apple AirPlay, Apple AirPlay will not decode DOLBY as it still relies on your iPhone or iPad in the Audio chain. For full DOLBY decode, you will require an HDMI connection out of the ARC port of your TV.

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    Andy Lale

    oh thats a shame as my TV doesnt have eARC. 

    if i connect with HDMI cable I read on apple site i need to connect the Apple 4k TV to the soundbar

    So that it will play Dolby Atmos and pass through Dolby Vision 4K as my TV only has ARC and not eARC but the Pulse only has 1 HDMI connector so will not work?

    My TV is Sony KD-75XF9005 from 2018



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