Unable to switch off my T778 from the BluOS app




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    HI Nakkiran

    The BluOS App controls only BluOS on your T778. You cannot control the chassis itself. This includes powering down the unit. The T778 does include remote learning options so you can program a single remote to power down all devices in your Home Entertainment System. Reach out to our good friends at NAD Electronics via support@nadelectronics.com if you are having problems programming your remotes.

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    Nakkiran Sunassee

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks, but your app can bring it out of standby, so clearly it can access some chassis control? 

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  • Not quite - by enabling Network Stand By on your NAD T778, you are preventing the BluOS Module's network card from going to sleep or shut down when the chassis is entering stand by. When you press Play in the BluOS App, the BluOS Module starts playing. This is what wakes the chassis from stand-by as it is auto-detecting an audio source, very similar to how auto-sense optical or HDMI-CEC commands work.

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