Am I unfolding MQA or not? Confusion.




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    Hi Jon

    Assuming you went into the BluOS App, Music Services, Tidal, logged out and logged back in with the new account credentials, if you are getting the MQA Logo with the green dot - you are in fact getting MQA. If your TIDAL Subscription did not include HiFi - the logo would say CD.

    If you didn't log out in the BluOS App, you are still using your old account and probably in a grace period where the account is still active.


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    Tony, thank you for the quick and clear response!  I did what you suggested, logged out and logged back in, and it sort of worked.  I still see MQA files in my BluOS app, but the green/colored dot is gone when I play them.  I can play them, they don't say CD, they still show the MQA icon, but there is definitely no more dot.  This is more like the expected behavior, as I don't think I was ever paying for MQA so it should not have worked.  I will however be upgrading my Tidal account!!

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