Sudden Volume Increase in Node 2i




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    If you are using an external DAC with independent volume control, FIXED output is probably preferred.

    As for the volume jump, whenever we encounter this issue it is quite often endpoint source related such as Spotify or AirPlay and the volume on the originating source was adjusted.

    Help, Send Support Request in the App would help our Support Crew verify this.

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    Robert Fulmer

    I listen to my ambient music directly from Tidal via the Bluesound app.  I may experiment with playing it through Roon instead.  However, when I first experienced this leap in volume, I listened to both the Tidal stream through the Bluesound app and through Roon.  I will have to confirm whether the Roon volume has changed.

    I will send a support request via the app, after I've compared the Tidal direct vs. Roon streams.



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