Wifi on next vault?




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    Seppi Evans

    Hi Nick, 

    I am just an end user so cannot vouch for Bluesound but as an IT guy the Vault also acts as a NAS as well as potently serving hires files to dozens of Bluesound players and in these circumstances wired would be the only real way for this to happen.

    It's true that WiFi speeds can now exceed Ethernet (given the right hardware) but the bandwidth is shared and interference can cause havoc. 

    Perhaps WiFi 6e and 10 Gigabit Ethernet would be the way forward?

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    nick irving

    Yeah understood but a simply limiting number of simultaneous wifi streams would solve that and give the many other users, (the ‘one person streaming one song’ users) who can’t or don’t want to run an Ethernet cable to their hifi, a great solution.

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